Jeff Manuel, a great, versatile pianist in Chicago

That's him!

"As comfortable with Chopin as he is with Cole Porter, is EXCELLENT, and his performance is joyous" - Chicago Magazine


He's performed for decades in and around the Chicago area and was full time house pianist for years at the Drake Chicago and Ritz-Carlton.  He's played for politicians, celebrities - even normal people! Professional, relaxed and inventive - photo above at engagement for three day Millennium Park Chicago Gourmet event.....

Casual Duos and Trios - or in tuxes, whatever..


Working  with some of the best players in Chicago, he can bring sax, flute and other woodwind players, guitarists, vocalists, or all of the above, for a suave and/or jazzy time for larger or just more demanding events.

Real good, and easy to work with.


His music is straightforward but never boring.  Classical, jazz, and those 60's 70's and 80's Meaningful Wonders with inspired improvisations. Smart, but accessible.  

What does this guy sound like?

Some great recordings, I think, featuring me on piano.  They also include Mike Blanchard on woodwinds, Frank Donaldsen on drums, and Dave Berger on guitar and bass. Solo or in combos, you will have some great music. Great listening music or great atmosphere, maybe both at the same time.  About to add bunch of songs from the Wonder Years, 60's, 70's and 80's.  Stay tuned....

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I really still talk on the phone! Give me a call and we can talk a lot faster than we type.  I hope.  That's about it.  Play this right and I will, too. Hopefully we will talk soon...

Jeff Manuel - Pianist

6754 North Ionia Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60646

(773) 775-4065, 847 331 5645 (cell/message)